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The taste of the sea breeze on a good day or the hurricane on a normal day. Coffee is also part of the Wellington culture we have more small coffee roasters per head of population than anywhere in the world. So a hint of coffee is a need/addiction. With Wellington full of civil servants (list makers) sits in the caramel personality of Chocology. With our Schoc milk chocolate mixed with the salt we get a beautiful caramel layer. So here we have it 3 layer chocolate with salt, coffee and caramel, Enjoy. .

Made in Greytown since 2002, Schoc chocolate beans are sourced from Tanzania, Java, Papua New Guinea, Cuba, Ecuador, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Trinidad, Madagascar and Sao Thome. Chocolate from these gourmet beans has a minimum amount of sugar added for flavour enhancement.

Importantly, all growers are treated fairly and respectfully. Schoc believe in sustainability improving farmer livelihoods and doing business responsibly.

The flavourings are organic, where possible, and sourced locally. No extra sugar [apart from caramels] or any preservatives are added and only whole and real flavours used. The base chocolate is hand-crafted using classic techniques.

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