The Winter Home – tips on styling your home for the colder months

The Winter Home – tips on styling your home for the colder months

Published by Vikki Lust on 27th May 2018

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fireit is the time for home.’  Edith Sitwell

It’s the end of May and we’re now hunkering down at home – we’ve been lucky to have had a mild autumn, but there is now a very icy bite in the southerlies.

My thoughts turn to making home as cosy, warm and as inviting as possible. In my mind, winter is the season where we can never go overboard in terms of making our home cosy and welcoming.  Winter is about appreciating the small things in life - as we naturally slow down and spend more time at home.  Finding beauty in every day, taking pleasure in sharing a meal with family and friends or curling up on the couch with a good book.

Here are some ideas to cosy up this winter:

Bring Nature Inside

Using natural elements in your home helps create a sense of calm, comfort and “oneness” with the world.

  • Indoor plants add texture, colour, and life to a room
  • Pinecones are fantastic to display in winter, especially in glass vases with fairy lights or in bowls piled high
  • Acorns – add them in vases and bowls to your vignettes on shelves and tables
  • Branches add a structural element to floral displays and are statements by themselves in jugs, bottles or vases
  • Baskets – they look beautiful and keep everything stored away and rooms clutter free. A basket with rolled up throws sitting in the lounge are a lovely touch for guests to help themselves to
  • Freshly chopped wood piled into baskets, or displayed next to fire add a rustic component


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Add Texture and Layers

Winter décor is all about layering – adding thicker texture throws and textiles to create warmth. Chunky knits, wool blankets and throws, sheepskins, velvet and faux fur are all fantastic additions to lounges and bedrooms over the winter months.

  • Add extra cushions to sofas and beds to create an inviting space to relax
  • Consider adding sheepskin rugs to wooden or modern chairs to add warmth
  • Invest in a deep pile rug for a lounge area or reading nook
  • Change your bed linen to darker, moodier tones which will create a cocoon-like space
  • Brushed cotton or flannel sheets on your bed will feel warm and welcoming
  • Warm cosy slippers for your feet first thing in the morning and when you get home from a busy day, will help relax and unwind
  • Thick textural towels in the bathroom look and feel lovely

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Mood Lighting

Winter is a time to soften the lights. The soft glow from lamps, candles and fires create a warm glow and sense of cosiness – especially on raining, dreary nights.

  • Floor lamps create a soft glow and give height to a room. They are also great for reading under
  • Fairy lights – add anywhere! Display around pinecones, wood, wrapped around ladders, in vases, bowls – the options are limitless
  • Crackling fires – consider yourself lucky if you have a modern fire that heats efficiently and looks and smells beautiful
  • Candles – always
  • Lamps on side tables dotted around the room and house create a beautiful calm and feel comforting

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Scent of a Home

One of the first things I do when I get come at the end of the day in winter is draw the curtains and light candles. Having a home filled with scents you love is an easy way to make it feel relaxing and calm. When is freezing outside, candles create an ambience that lighting just can’t quite do.

  • Store away candles with summery, breezy, citrus scents and opt for richer, earthier fragrances like wood, amber, leather, vanilla, musk, and caramel – they will bring both warmth and mellowness to your space
  • Use natural cleaning products in your home
  • Linen water adds a lovely scent to sheets and towels
  • Open windows as much as possible – nothing beats the smell and feel of fresh air
  • Greenery and flowers add fragrance, texture and colour
  • A jug of mix herbs on your kitchen counter looks and smells divine – we always have a mixture of rosemary, parsley, mint, oregano and thyme sitting on our kitchen dining table
  • A kitchen candle is fantastic for getting rid of kitchen odours

Winter Vignettes

I’m forever changing our vignettes at home – especially at the change of seasons. I store away seashells, coral, pineapples and botanical dishes and replace with heavier, moodier objets d’art

  • Old leather or cloth covered books with a magnifying glass
  • Adding darker cushions and throws to couches and armchairs
  • Changing glassware and drinks on bar carts to golds, ambers and reds
  • Using pottery urns and jugs for floral arrangements
  • Add natural woven artworks ie: macramé to walls
  • Swapping out light ceramic bowls for wooden or earthenware

"Let's live with the stuff that delights and replenishes our senses, the stuff that is filled with the totems and memories that represent the chapters of our life that are written through the things we surround ourselves with." Nate Berkus

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